The Plates

A shared meal is a cherished tradition in the Design in Dialogue Lab. During normal studio days students collectively prepare the food and eat together. When guests are visiting the studio, they are invited to stay for lunch or dinner and help cut, cook or set the table.

Béla Dalcher and Vasco Medici cooking in front of the Design in Dialogue Lab during Studio Brussels.

Designed by OK-RM, a series of special plates both serve a practical need and provide a physical trigger for reflection and discussion. The plates combine short statements on the bottom with fictional diagrams, which resemble scientific depictions of e.g. electronic circuits, flow charts or organisational structures.

Together they help trigger the sharing of ideas in relation to architecture and urban transformation. Produced in a limited edition of 20 sets of six plates, the plates make each meal special and turn the act of washing the dishes into a playful moment of interpreting and comparing words and images.