Rafico Ruiz

Rafico Ruiz is the third guest in the conversation series titled “We need to talk about Infrastructure” on April 27, 2021, between 17:00 and 18:00 CET. Click here for more information and a Zoom-link.

Rafico Ruiz is the Associate Director of Research at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA). His research examines the relationships between architecture, infrastructure, and the environment across the circumpolar world.

Ruiz obtained an ad personam PhD in the History and Theory of Architecture and Communication Studies from McGill University. In 2018 he held the Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College.

Together with Melody Jue he co-edited “Saturation: An Elemental Politics”. And in his most recent book “Slow Disturbance: Infrastructural Mediation on the Settler Colonial Resource Frontier”, he mentions his PhD experience which constitutes the basis of the publication: “It took shape in between McGill University’s School of Architecture and the Department of Art History and Communication Studies, in that odd self-inflicted purgatory known as 'ad personam' PhD” (“Slow Disturbance” page 9).

In the acknowledgment pages of the same book Ruiz already mentions what is to come in the book: “[...] [The] willingness to see the infra in the structure”. Finally he reveals a lot about his approach to infrastructure, by qualifying one of his thesis supervisors as “[...] someone who helps 'infrastructural worlds' to grow through community building and trust” (“Slow Disturbance” page 10).

"Slow Disturbance"


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