Merve Bedir

Merve Bedir is an architect based in Hong Kong/Shenzhen. Her ongoing research examines infrastructures of hospitality and mobility. She also works on the relationship between urban transformation and public space, connecting law, labour, technology, and urban politics. A third line of research follows the human and nonhuman relationships in the context of ecology, infrastructure, and cybernetics.

Merve is an adjunct assistant professor in Hong Kong University Department of Architecture, Division of Landscape Architecture, and a founding partner of Land and Civilization Compositions. She is also a co-founder of Aformal Academy (an experimental school program in Pearl River Delta region), a founding member of Mutfak مطبخ Workshop (focusing on Kitchen as a cultural space in Gaziantep), and a founding member of Center for Spatial Justice in Istanbul. Merve Bedir holds a PhD from the Architectural Engineering Department in Delft University of Technology, and a BArch from Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

As part of Aformal Academy, and in collaboration with e-flux architecture, Merve initiated New Silk Roads. This online project brought together a variety of artists, academics and architects who reflected on the significance of the Belt and Road Initiative, the largest infrastructure project of the twenty-first century. Since 2013, the Chinese government has facilitated and invested in new construction, development, and communication projects around the world in an attempt to link together through trade more than fifty percent of the world’s population and economic output. New Silk Roads seeked to address the lack of clarity about the Belt and Road’s on-the-ground initiatives. The Belt and Road Initiative was also one of the central topics of Studio Piraeus.

Merve participated in the final presentation of Studio Tirana – Pallati i Brigadave and is the first guest in the conversation series titled 'We need to talk about Infrastructure' on March 30, 2021, between 17:00 and 18:00 CET. Click here for more information.

Monique Wong / Aformal Academy, Silk Road Dreams, 2018.