Animals – A different Tale in Brussels North

For the spring 2020 seminar week we invited students to join us on a one week multispecies exploration of the Brussels North District.

Unfortunately this seminar week was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are planning to realize the seminar week in 2021.

Letter announcing the Seminar Week

Dear Student,

We kindly invite you to our upcoming seminar week which leads us to the North District of Brussels, the European capital.

We will discover different facets of a place which for us shows many frictions as well as poss- ibilities of the “Newropean” city. Throughout the week we will immerse into the area: We will hear lectures, watch movies, discuss and relax at our headquarter. We will visit places, meet people, conduct interviews and experience the local culinary offers. This all will finally lead to a one-day intervention in the main Boulevard of Brussels North. This again, together with all the other experiences, feeds into a trailer which documents the status quo of the area and gives glimpses into a possible future.

The reader for our journey will be “Animal Farm – a fairy story” by George Orwell (1945).
This story addresses questions of (bio)diversity, democracy, community, and co-existence in this world – and the world we want to live in.

With true and fairy stories about animals as a compass we collectively want to explore the potentials of an area which was once planned as a monofunctional office district and is currently under trans-formation. Though, the notion of monofunctionality is quite a technical one. – Let us experience together what this actually means and what else it could become. This journey will require architects to become journalists, anthropologists, biologists, philosophers, historians, gatekeepers and shepherds.


Falma Fshazi, Lukas Fink and Paul Steinbrück

– Letter
– Subject: Animals – A different tale in Brussels North
– Date: 29 January 2020