Sven Opitz & Ute Tellmann

We conclude the first series of We Need to Talk About Infrastructure conversations on June 8 between 17:00 and 18:00 CET with sociologists Sven Opitz and Ute Tellmann, who propose to re-envision "the political space of infrastructural collectivity: the European common needs a different understanding of space than the 'cross-border' and the 'long distance'. It needs an understanding of how to use the adjacencies for political articulations".

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Sven Opitz is Professor of Political Sociology at Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany. Besides his interest in the material dimension of infrastructure, Opitz‘s research focuses on the spaces and temporalities implicated in the ecologies of global biosecurity.

Ute Tellmann is Professor for Sociology/Sociological Theory at Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Tellmann‘s main area of specialization is modern social theory, with a focus on cultural economy, biopolitics, temporality and territoriality.

Together, they published several articles on the infrastructural dimension of European governance, describing it as both a physical and a political construct. Regarding this duality, their research focuses on the relation between concepts of connectivity and collectivity in the context of pan-European integration.

Their work was recently published in South Atlantic Quarterly, 2015 and Arch+ 239, 2020 (”Europe as Infrastructure – Networking the operative Community“) and in Limn Magazine, 2016 (”Europe‘s Materialism: Infrastructures and Political Space“).

Beyond their research on European governance, joined publications of Opitz and Tellmann include ”Bruno Latour‘s Neue Politische Soziologie“ (Soziale Welt 67(3), 2016) and ”Operations of the Global – Explorations of Connectivity“ (Distinktion 13(3), 2012).

Europa als Infrastruktur: Vernetzung der operativen Gemeinschaft, Sven Opitz & Ute Tellmann in ARCH+ 239: Europa – Infrastrukturen der Externalisierung