Premiere — Studio Seebach - Sensing Space

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the premiere of Studio Seebach - Sensing Space: a day of performancances and conversations around the question how we can design outside of our brains?

For the Fall 2021 design studio, we took inspiration from people and practices that promote the use of all our senses when we experience and shape our environment. We invited students to join a multi-sensory exploration of the neighbourhood of Seebach and the ONA building, home to NEWROPE’s Design in Dialogue Lab and a space we share with other chairs of the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich.

After a long period of forced social distancing and self-isolation, and freed from endless Zoom sessions, we could finally reconnect to the people and places around us. The HS2021 design studio centered around this reconnection and rediscovery of the physical world and the power of proximity, tactility and embodied knowledge. Starting from ONA, we used our bodies and senses to explore the building’s potential as a safe and social space where we can be and work together.

The premiere is structured as a series of short performances and talkback moments in five acts, with a prologue and epilogue. We will start the day with tea and music in front of the Design in Dialogue Lab in the ONA building on Neunbrunnenstrasse 50 in Zurich-Seebach.

Fiona Hatz guiding Linus Arnold during a sensing exercise


09:30 - tea, music, introduction (terrace)

Sensing Transition: listen (moderation Stimmspektrum)

10:30 - Stimmspektrum (theater) - Senga Grossmann, Viviane Hug, Theresa Zuhr
10:45 - Anthropogenic (empty space) - Elif Isikli, Roxana Puiu
11:00 - Design in Catalogue (theater) - Max Meier, Gereon Siévi
11:15 - Talkback (theater space)

Sensing Transition: look (moderation Stimmspektrum)

12:00 - ONA’s kitchen (theater), Alessandro Paterniti Barbino
12:30 - lunch- chair swarm in DiD Lab

Sensing Transition: smell (moderation Stimmspektrum)

14:00 - Schaukiste with coffee (theater) Jakob Schaefermeyer, Sarah Vogel, Virginia Zaretskie
14:15 - Sensing abundance (theater) Linus Arnold, Jan Bauer, Julian Volken
14:30 - I’ve got a blank space, baby! (empty space) Charis Gersl, Elena Geser, Fiona Wiesner
14:45 - Blue Screen (theater) - Tabea Meienhofer
15:00 - Talkback (theater)

Sensing Transition: taste (moderation Stimmspektrum)

16:00 - break hosted by Tabea

Sensing Transition: feel (moderation Stimmspektrum)

16:30 - Synthesising Seebach (Seebach Station) - Yannick Blattner, Rita Engelberger, Tanja Reichmuth
17:00 - Between facades (outdoor: Schulhaus im Birch) - Fiona Hatz
17:15 - The power of ageing (corridor) - Annick Bächle, Olivia Beeler
17:30 - Talkback (theater space)

18:15 - ONA Afterhours (all spaces) - Selin Civi, Carolina Palos Mas, Sofia Uribe Gomez
18:45 - Apero (terrace)

Blue Screen - Tabea Meienhofer


You don’t have to register for this event. Please note that a Covid certificate is required to attend the premiere and that face masks are still compulsory in all buildings of ETH Zurich at all times.

– Premiere Studio Seebach - Sensing Space
– Wednesday 22 December 2021
– 09:30-18:30
– ground floor of ONA building, Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, 8050 Zurich
– Students: Linus Arnold, Jan Bauer, Olivia Beeler, Yannick Blattner, Annick Bächle, Selin Civi, Rita Engelberger, Charis Gersl, Elena Geser, Senga Grossmann, Fiona Hatz, Viviane Hug, Elif Isikli, Tabea Meienhofer, Carolina Palos Mas, Alessandro Paterniti Barbino, Roxana Puiu, Tanja Reichmuth, Jakob Schaefermeyer, Gereon Siévi, Sofia Uribe Gomez, Sarah Vogel, Julian Volken, Fiona Wiesner, Virginia Zaretskie, Theresa Zuhr
– Studio team: Ellena Ehrl, Freek Persyn, Michiel van Iersel, Panayotis Antoniadis, Phillipe Vandenbroeck
– Guests: Nitin Bathla (ETH Zürich), Falma Fshazi (ETH Zürich), Jürg Lehni (artist), Stanislaus von Moos (University of Zürich), Rahimulla Muhammedi (Club La Fafa), Caterina Viguera (Rotative studio)