Power Day

Power Day

We cordially invite you to a day-long program, on Friday October 29, revolving around the question how design(ers) can have an impact on the power structures that are shaping our world. The program is organized in collaboration with Designathon. The Power Day will take place in the Design in Dialogue Lab in Zurich-Oerlikon and consists of two parts:

Part I – 10:30 - 16:00: Power Game:

We start the day with the public part of the Power Game, a role-playing exercise that teaches participants how they can effectively use their power and influence. Urban transformation is intricately tied to power. If you want to create positive change through design, and mobilise people, it is crucial to understand power structures and how to navigate them.

We will be guided by Andrea Reimer, a former city council member and deputy mayor of Vancouver. She teaches about power literacy at the University of British Columbia and will help us to discover, express and strengthen our own power and ability to mobilise others.

The game starts on Thursday afternoon at 13:30. If you want actively participate in the game, you can register until Wednesday 27 October at 18:00 by sending an email to Lukas Fink: fink@arch.ethz.ch. If you only want to attend the public part of the program on Friday, there is no need to register.

Part II – 18:00 - 20:00: Power Panel, followed by an apéro

The Power Game will be followed by the Power Panel, a public presentation organised by Designathon that allows graduates whose final projects dealt with power-related subject matters, to present their work and share their personal insights.

Designathon is a Zurich based experimental platform for new ideas. Over the past two years Designathon has been critically engaged with the topic of power and systems of oppression. The organisation looked into structural, historical and personal dimensions of power systems and organised several formats to start a discourse with a wider audience.

On this occasion, Yao Liu, Shafira Nugroho, Véronique Rebetez and Gina Gysi will share their projects and insights on the topic. Following their presentations, we will engage in an open panel discussion to enforce a lively discussion. During the apéro you will get the opportunity for further exchanges.

Entrance to the Power Game and Power Panel on Friday is free and open to all. To register and get your free ticket click here.

– Event: Power Day
– Date: Friday 29 October, 2021, 10:30 – 22:00
– Location: Design in Dialogue Lab
– Address: Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, ONA J25, CH-8093 Zürich
– Organisers: NEWROPE Chair/ETH Zurich & Designathon
– Entrance: free to all, Covid certificate required

Design in Dialogue Lab

Seminar Week

The Power Day marks the end of the so-called Seminar Week, which is organised by the NEWROPE Chair and lasts from Monday 25 until Friday 29 October. This week-long programme consists of a series of excursions and meetings with experts that allow you and other participants to discover and discuss the impact of power hierarchies and dynamics on the ways in which we design and develop our environments. For more information about the Seminar Week click here.