Panayotis Antoniadis

Panayotis (Panos) Antoniadis is co-founder of NetHood, a Zurich-based association that since 2015 combines research and action to develop convivial tools for self-organization in urban neighborhoods, including community wireless networks, complementary currencies, cooperative housing, community supported agriculture, and urban spaces. Since the start of this year, Panos is contributing to the Chair's efforts to open up our Design in Dialogue Lab and turn it into a so-called Oerlikon Neighbourhood Atelier, or an open platform for urban transformation in Zürich.

We met him for the first time in Zurich at L200, a non-profit organisation of which he is a member with NetHood as well as a coordinator in general. The L200 is an open, undefined neighborhood space on the central Langstrasse, that offers everyone possibilities of coming together in a variety of ways. Besides being a versatile event space, L200 hosts regular meetings of NeNa, a housing cooperative thinking about new models of neighbourhoods or of 7at7, a platform for exploring opportunities and risks of digitisation and organises panel discussions, for example about the role of agriculture in urban development.

Being especially well connected in Greece, Panos was a great help in the preparation of the seminar week in Athens, as well as during the Studio Piraeus, where he brought in his background and interest in mutual learning and knowledge exchange processes. He has a lot of experiences in bringing together academic programs and civil society initiatives, both locally in Zürich, Athens but also all over Europe through the INURA network.

Besides his role as an activist and facilitator, Panayotis has experience in academic publishing across different disciplines (computer science, urban planning, design research, economics), organizing conferences and in fundraising for larger collaborative EU projects (Netcommons and Mazizone).

L200 on Langstrasse 200 in Zürich