Pablo Georgieff and Miguel Georgieff

We continue our We Need to Talk About Infrastructure conversation series on December 7 2021 between 17:00 and 18:00 CET with Pablo and Miguel Georgieff.
Pablo and Miguel Georgieff are co-founders of Atelier Coloco, a “contemporary landscape workshop” that brings together landscape architects, architects, town planners, botanists, gardeners and artists. Their collective approach is based on the “invitation to work” opening to the physical engagement of everyone (residents, technicians, institutions, associations, individuals) to transform the world we inhabit. Coloco practice focuses on natural dynamics, support for living beings and participatory projects, with the aim to constantly invent new configurations of coexistence. Examples of this social and ecological commitment are the gardens at the ZEN of Palermo, the Jardins Voisins, and the reconfiguration of l’allée des Vignerons. Among their projects, there are the landscape strategy for the Champs-Élysées, the redevelopment of Place de la Nation and the Lyon Green Plan.
Coloco is curator with Gilles Clement for the next Biennale du Paysage 2022 in Versailles.

In conversation with Pablo and Miguel we are trying to challenge the role of ecological resources in adaptive infrastructures. Click here for the Zoom-link.

"Réinventons la nation", Creation of new gardens at Place de la Nation, Paris.