Final Presentation:
Studio Altstetten – A Room of Entanglements

We invite you to join the final presentation of Studio Altstetten. During the day, students will take you through an immersive presentation of the Room of Entanglements, which represents the collective output of all student work. This room is a scenography, an environment, that is inviting and inspiring and helps us – students and stakeholders involved in urban transformation – to transgress current ways of thinking. We imagine this room as an immersive spatial setup that encourages to think beyond the plot, to think in relations, to think in long(er) time spans, and to reconnect with the actual lives of people living and working in Altstetten.

Impressions from Room of Entanglement No. 03


– Date: 1. June 2022
– 14:30-17:30, afterwards Apéro
– Design in Dialogue Lab, ETH Zürich, ONA, Neunbrunnenstrasse 50
– Students: Ada Ala-Härkönen, Laurianne Chassot, Sungjoo Chung, Norma Clematide, Mona Lecoultre, Andrés Lussi, Laia Meier, Lucas Steurer, Mario Suter, Isabel Suter, Johan Hellstrøm Weihrauch, Valentin Wegenstein, Jan Schweizer
– Studio Team: Seppe De Blust, Marica Castigliano, Lukas Fink, Chloé Nachtergael, Freek Persyn
– Guests: Anneke Abhelakh, René Boer, Nadia Fistarol, David Ganzoni, Thomas Isler, Marie-Anne Lerjen, Lukas Sander, Berit Seidel, Bruno Widmer, Bianca Wildrich, Leonie Wohlgemuth, Daniel Zeller