Filming architecture – a podcast

“Filming architecture” is a podcast featuring Karine Dana in which she presents her approach towards filming space and its transformation. It was recorded during the presentation she gave as a guest of Studio Tirana: Pallati i Brigadave in the fall of 2020.

An architect by training, Karine Dana works as a journalist and videographer. Because of this dual skill and her architectural perspective, she collaborates regularly with international offices such as Lacaton & Vassal, 51N4E, l'AUC and YTAA in the context of competitions, research projects, and exhibitions.

In this podcast, Dana highlights the importance of three key concepts: presence, the present and fragments. Her talk brings into perspective editing as the space of (a new) making. Her essay is a letter to students and all devotees of the camera, and makes a plea for the inseparability of the emotional, technical and intellectual.

In 2017, Karine Dana launched the video channel subARCHITECTURE on Vimeo. Its objective is to make sensible, to document and to communicate the process of transformation of the territory through video. The challenge and the difficulty for our world today seems to be to build a project "between" spaces, people, programs, natures and cities.

In this search for new experiments, the video tool occupies an important, or even crucial, position: it is a powerful sensor of reality in all its capacity to transform. The act of filming, then, becomes a possibility of going towards what one does not yet see.

In the context of the Newrope chair Dana is currently developing the project ‘#Capter l’hypersensibilité de l’espace’, together with Falma Fshazi.

"Filming architecture" is the first in a series of podcasts dealing with soft transformation.

Still image from work by Karine Dana