The Things Around Us, CCA

We are honored that elements of our Design in Dialogue Lab are exhibited at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal as part of ‘The Things Around Us’, an exhibition that brings together the work of 51N4E (co-founded by Freek Persyn and Johan Anrys) and Rural Urban Framework (RUF) from Hong Kong.

The museum sees itself as a platform for dialogue and invites architects from different geographies and contexts to share their perspective on pressing issues in the discipline and to critically reframe their work in a process of exchange and debate.

Curated by Francesco Garutti, the exhibition features a.o. a sample from the curtain and so-called ‘cabane’ (a tent-like structure made from a thick cloth that hangs from the ceiling and creates an intimate space) that were both designed for our space at ETH Zürich by Chevalier Masson, photos of the space by Max Creasy and the primer poster that design studio OK-RM developed for the NEWROPE Chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation.

At the CCA these examples and expressions of what we call ‘Design in Dialogue’ are meeting ‘kindred spirits’: objects and tools that represent the work of Rural Urban Framework, such as a felt rug and wooden stools that are commonly used in China.

The exhibition is on view in the main galleries of the CCA until February 14, 2021.

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Seminar - Designing the Space of Intentions: Tirana’s Skandberg Square and the Palace of Brigades

On November 3, Freek Persyn (Professor NEWROPE Chair) and Falma Fashazi (NEWROPE Chair Lead School of Transformation) present together as part of Toolkit for Today: In the Planetary Field, a week of seminars, workshops, and public events that invites scholars to open their toolboxes and share their methods with the participants of the CCA's Doctoral Students Program.

– Seminar (in English)
– 3 November, 10am (online)
More info about the seminar