Collective Intervention Model

In the context of our NEWROPE Studio Offenbach we introduced a collective model of possible interventions. This 1:1500 scale model shows a large part of the city of Offenbach, with its three main infrastructures: the river, the Berliner Straße, and the railways. The model brings together various interventions, which were developed by the students together with experts and residents of Offenbach. The brightly colored three-dimensional interventions in the form of miniature buildings and vegetation contrasted sharply with the printed map that served as the basis for the mode, making visible the ‘blind spots’ that have remained untouched.

The collective model marks the center of the Design in Dialogue Lab


From a didactical perspective the model serves as a boundary object: It helps to link the different working groups within the studio together. It makes the common subject tangible and facilitates collaboration, despite the different directions individual groups take. By that the collective intervention model is one of various means to help forming a collective.

The model was introduced after the first studio cycle in which students produced a collective movie as a positioning exercise.

thinking about relations and interventions [screenshot from the collective movie]


– Scale 1:1500
– Measures: 3530 cm x 2220 cm
– Studio Offenbach – We need to talk about Infrastructure, Spring 2021
– Located at The Design in Dialogue Lab