Capturing a City in Times of the Coronavirus

How do you communicate ideas about a complex, faraway and inaccessible place? This was one of the many challenges with which students of Studio Piraeus – Urban Ecotones were confronted after the coronavirus forced them to work online. As part of our spring 2020 design studio a participating students developed ideas for the city and port area of Piraeus, Greek’s fifth largest municipality and one of the main maritime hubs in the Mediterranean. Shortly after the field trip in February, the first lockdown was imposed and online tools became an important way to develop and present ideas.

Film and video were quickly adopted as easy-to-use and well-known media that allow for playful ways to tell stories and share, compare and combine proposals. In a short timespan, students produced dozens of short (animation) films, ranging from weekly video diaries to computer generated animations and recordings of performances. The final presentation of the studio consisted of a live ‘Parade of Projects’, for which both the members of the studio team and the students filmed themselves in their own home or neighborhood.

The recording of this live stream on Zoom, and all the other videos that were produced in the course of the studio, from raw footage to more refined productions are brought together on a a special Vimeo Channel (see Link). See here the introduction video to the final presentations' “Parade of Projects”: