Agency of Transformation

Architecture students who are graduating from ETH Zürich have the opportunity to work on a free, self-​chosen topic under the supervision of the Master Professor during two semesters. In the year of 2020 Oliver Burch, Jakob Junghanss and Lukas Ryffel teamed up and worked on the Siedlung Wydäckerring, a residential complex in Zürich-Wiedikon. Built between in 1971 and 1976, and consisting of 303 prefabricated living units, the complex is currently being demolished to make space for a so called "Ersatzneubau". They documented their exploration of the past, present and future of this place in a short film, which you can watch here:

In the words of the students: "Siedlung Wydäckerring is a child of its time: a prefabricated housing project with washed concrete elements, yellow Eternit panels, and a variety of everyday components typically to the 1970-ies. The staggered building volume defines a courtyard – a terraced landscape with a diverse vegetation, resting on a two story underground garage. If you happen to go for a stroll around Triemlifussweg you will see that today it is fenced with a bright orange wall, waiting for its demolition and soon to be replaced by an “Ersatzneubau”. Working on different scales, modes and strategies simultaneously, our project deals with the complexity triggered by the current urban redevelopment of Zürich."

– Free Master Thesis by Jakob Junghanss, Lukas Ryffel, Oliver Xaver Burch
– Supervised by Studio Tom Emerson (Amy Perkins, Boris Gusic, Tom Emerson), co-supervised by NEWROPE (Freek Persyn, Lukas Fink, Seppe De Blust)
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